Adobe Photoshop is, actually. the most diffused as well as the more professional tool for photo editing . The potentiality of this software is far beyond the photographic application, nevertheless in this course, we can explore just the main features which will allow us to enhance the quality of our images.

There is one truth which cannot be forgotten. A "bad" photo cannot become a "masterpiece" just by photo editing. But a nice shot can become a nicer one.

In this course we will go trhough the following topics:

SKIN RETOUCHING -  Every model, although beautiful and sexy, has small defects which are totally acceptable in real life, but that have to be absolutely removed in a fashion or beauty picture. Let's see how.

BODY MODELING - Also bigger shape defects can be corrected by Photoshop.

STILL LIFE CREATIVITY - We will create nice effects which will give to our pictures a real "touch" of uniqueness. 

HDR - Although this technique, at the moment, is quite overrated, it meets the approval of many photographers. Actually a good HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo should be set up during the shooting session, nevertheless it is possible to get a good HDR also by using Photoshop. We will see how.

BLACK & WHITE - All the current digital cameras produce images in full colour range (with only one exception). Anyway, B&W lovers can post produce monochromatic images by Photoshop.  The results can be really astonishing.

on six lessons of 2 hrs each


The price for the entire course is RM 120 for each participant.

Special price for who already attended the previous courses, (basic and advanced) will be RM 60 only!



The minimum number of participants will be 2  and the maximum 4.

The lessons will be in english language

The minimum duration of the lessons will be the one shown on this page, but with some possibility to be extended.

Normally lessons will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18.00 to 20.00, but changes can be done.

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